April 2012 / Weekly updates

20th April 2012

Update 13

So here we are. 2 days to go.

Funny really, yesterday Angela took a photo of me outside the London Marathon Shop in Covent Garden – they have a countdown lock outside. We have a photo of me outside there when the clock was at 178 days.

179 Days

Now it is 2 days.

2 Days to go

Easy week of running this week – 2 x 30 minute runs and the last one this morning – a 20 minute run. Strange.

On Wednesday I went to the Marathon Expo in Excel in Docklands. You have to go here to collect your number – you go with ID for proof and you get your chip for your trainers that gives you the time and also to get your short printed – with your name on. It was very exciting and if Sunday gets as emotional as this, it may be a problem. There are some photos attached of me at the Expo. It all feels very real now.

Good Luck for Sunday

Years ago I was watching the climax of the Masters golf from Augusta on TV. Ian Woosnam had a putt to win the championship – his first Major tournament. Peter Alliss was commentating and I remember him saying (not verbatim, this was a long time ago!) “Come on! This is what all the practising was about my boy” – I have been thinking of that comment a lot this week. Two months of pre-training – just to get to the point where I thought I could take on the training for this, and on Sunday it will be the end of 16 weeks of a full marathon training programme. So, 6 months work really. I’ll be thinking of that comment on Sunday at 9.45am – “this is what it was all for”.

Just in case any of you are going to be there or nearby on Sunday – just some pointers – there will be a group of OHP people led by our company manager Dougie at approx 13.5 miles by the junction of Wapping Lane and The Highway. I think Doug will be holding up an inflatable palm tree – not really sure why but I don’t think you will miss them. I will be wearing white with orange stripes – with my name across the front as in the attached photo. My number is 36741.

Angela, my Mum, Dad and nephew Ryan will be running nearly as much as me, trying to get to various different locations to see me, but are intending to be at approx 6/15/18 and 25 miles. My sister Julie and my eldest nephew Andrew will be along later.

When I started trying to raise sponsorship, we were sitting at home one night discussing what was a realistic target. I thought £1000, Angela was more optimistic and said £1500 – to be here now, having raised over £8,000 is fantastic – and it is all down to all of you. Thank you all so much for sponsoring me and for all of the support and feedback you have all given me throughout it all. Whatever I may say at different times on Sunday, I wouldn’t have missed any of it for the world. I intend to finish this blog/series or whatever off on Monday or Tuesday – whatever happens. If I could ask one more favour from you all – if you could all ask one other person to sponsor me any amount that would be amazing. Chickenshed will use it wisely and it will be so effective for them.

Look out for me on the TV and of course if you are around and can make it there, give me – or anyone/everyone – a shout – everyone there will appreciate the support from someone shouting out their name. Also if you see someone running in a pink shirt with bright pink hair running for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, that is my Marathon mate Sarah – give her a shout if you can too.

Everyone has been so supportive but I couldn’t have even got close to this moment if Angela hadn’t been so supportive in every way, full of encouragement and such a good coach. My mum has also traipsed all over London waiting (and sometimes waiting and waiting . . .) with drinks to give me as I ran past. Incredible support from Team Clutton!!! At the races my Dad has been carrying all of the kit bags around the courses etc etc. all SO supportive.

So . . .

Until next week. Thank you again – speak soon,

James x


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