April 2012 / Weekly updates

22nd April 2012

I will be writing a full report properly tomorrow (or maybe Tuesday!!!) but I just wanted to say a few things.

Very, very long way!

Great support from my brilliant family and friends (from home and work)

Great support from the crowd and other runners.

London looked amazing

Very, very long way.

Great sponsors – thank you!

Finished it.

Very, very long way.

London Marathon ticked off the list.

4 hours, 58 minutes and 54 seconds

Very pleased.

Thanks again – speak soon.

James x


2 thoughts on “22nd April 2012

  1. Dear James, Why can’t I find the picture of you that heads up the whole file. It’s such a joyous picture and reall, I mean really, good of you. It says all that is needed ‘I’ve done it’!
    But, dear James, don’t do it again, please. It’s too emotinally exhausting for your friends. How about a Champagne drinking Marathon?

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