April 2012 / Weekly updates

11th April 2012

Following the drama and disappointment of last Sunday, to be honest I was dreading how I was going to feel when I woke up on Monday morning, but actually it wasn’t that bad. I mean, it felt like I had run 23 miles (that is a sentence I never thought I would write in an e mail) and I was sore and aching but I would be. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t walk for example.

As I wrote last week, we had a model showing for Cosi fan tutte on Monday morning and Sarah and I did walk in looking like we had just tied our horses up outside, pushed through the doors and had just walked into the Silver Dollar saloon.

It got gradually better through the day but when I got up on Tuesday morning for the 3 mile recovery run, it really was one of those moments when you just wonder what you are doing.

As I was tying the laces on my trainers it did feel like I had just finished the long run and it couldn’t possibly be time to run again. But as I got going it all started to feel better again – the recovery run is not given that name for nothing.

Having talked to my coach she suggested that because of the extra 3 miles on the long run and the toll that run had taken on me, that I miss the Wednesday 5 mile run. Even though we have kept to the plan all of the way, most plans also say at this stage that after all this training, the miles are in your legs and that it is better to miss a run rather than overdo it or push too much. So I did miss this one and gave myself that extra rest until Friday which was the holiday.

The 50 minute speed run felt much better though for the first 2 miles or so I was also carrying a piano/vocal score of an opera we are producing in 2013 – that I needed to take the house of conductor Peter Robinson; when we produce this opera next year, I will always think of running along with the score during my marathon training.

After last week’s long run, my friend Mark Stone, who has run a lot of marathons and who is on this list, mailed me to say that everyone has one of those long runs that just goes wrong for reasons you can’t work out. But I needed to get have a better run on Sunday just to make myself feel better about it all.

It was a 15 mile run – which whilst being a long run in any normal sense, looked less daunting after the 23 mile extravaganza of the previous week. Anyway it felt pretty good – running at different time pat the theatre where Damian and I produced the musical we had written on the life of Oscar Wilde back in 1990, past the old athletics stadium in Enfield and up to a sports field where my parents, sister and younger nephew Ryan (12)were watching my eldest nephew Andrew (16) play football. It was good to see them all (this was the 8 mile mark) and to get a drink and more jelly babies. My route had included running around the sports field itself so Ryan set off with me running around the perimeter. it was a laugh running around the field with him and when one of his mates caught up and said “Why are you running slowly?” – Ryan replied pretty loudly and quite sharply, “he’s just run 8 miles – he’s running the marathon!!!” – which made me pretty proud in a few ways – being defended (proudly) by your 12 year old nephew was a very pleasant nice moment.

On I went and ran past the home of Chickenshed – this amazing charity that you have all supported and then back home – felling like I could go on, in a reasonable time – and just so much better than the week before. Angela the coach was there ready with ice packs and an omelette – in the words of Ira Gershwin – “Who could ask for anything more”?

Of course I still ache, of course it is going to be hard but it is nearly here – as I write this it is 11 days to go. Thank you all for your continued support – it means a lot to me – not long now!!!

James x


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