April 2012 / Weekly updates

16th April 2012

Well it really is very close now – I will be sending out two mails this week – now and again on Friday.

Week 15 went pretty well though, the “tapering” off is strange to get used to after always upping how far you were running for some many weeks.

There is also a thing that happens in that one gets very paranoid about injury, illness etc – it is on marathon sites too – but every movement makes me start thinking – “did I just pull my muscle then as I moved”.

We did a photo shoot on the roof of our sponsors Investec this week – and Sarah and I were there with Mark Stone who has run a lot of marathons and who did the Brighton marathon this week in a very fast time, Hannah Pedley who has just started running – 10K and half marathon to come – we also tried to talk Anna Patalong into joining us on OHP marathon team but she was not convinced!

Two fairly short runs (3 and 4 miles) last week, a 50 minute speed run on Friday, and then an 8 mile run on Sunday. Now 8 mils is quite a long run – but I guess it is all part of the marathon training – mentally as well as physically that you start to look at 8 miles and think – “OK short run on Sunday”. You don’t mean to look at it like that but you do. My coach Angela was working in New York for the weekend so I set off and it felt good – I went off too fast in some ways because after the last few weeks of doing shorter runs it just becomes easier to take it easy – and I wanted to at least have a bit of race-time running.

I saw my mum and dad at half way – and then carried on running through the park which I have now run through in sun, rain, snow and by the light of the moon.

This is what it has been for – this coming Sunday.

I will write again before the week is out – but we are nearly there now.

Thanks for your continued support.



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