March 2012 / Weekly updates

14th March 2012

Early week training was fine but a bit “after the Lord Mayor’s show” after the 10K race, but it was going along OK but then on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning started not feeling so good and was obviously coming down with something.

Had to skip training on Friday and I spent most of Saturday on the sofa under a blanket listening to the Don Giovanni broadcast from the met on Radio 3.

Sunday was meant to be a 15 mile run – three and a half longer than my previous longest run. When I woke up I did feel a bit better so decided to go for it but agree mentally that if I needed to stop at 10 or so I would rather than mess the next week up too.

I had created a route around central London – to give myself different things to look at and to have less hills than where we live. So the route I came up with was to take in as many places of interest to me personally as well beautiful places.


Started at Tower Bridge – East around Wapping etc for a few miles, quite nice over there. Back to Tower Bridge – where my mum who was my support team this week (Angela was away but sending messages of support along the way) was waiting at my first refreshment stop. Marie, my mum, did her own marathon of sorts by managing to get round to 4 different stops along the way!  She was jumping in and out of cabs – “follow that runner” sort of thing.

Along the South bank past HMS Belfast, Southwark Crown Court (where I worked a solicitors clerk at one point), past the Globe, National etc. As it was such a lovely warm day it was very crowded so it was getting a bit frustrating around this time – stopping and starting.

Along to the London Eye, opposite the Houses of Parliament  – where I proposed to Angela. Along to MI5 or MI6 whichever one it is and across Vauxhall Bridge. Pimlico along Lupus Street where we rehearse – and we will be rehearsing very soon – so I can hopefully think of that when I am working there in a month or so time. Back to the river, along to Chelsea and then along Tite Street – where Oscar Wilde lived – Oscar was the reason I got interested in theatre in the first place and the subject of the musical I wrote with Damian Landi that got me started working in theatre.

Past the Royal Hospital Chelsea where we do a lot of recital and fundraising for the great guys there, Victoria and along the mall – where the actual marathon finishes. Lovely running down the traffic-free Mall and imagining finishing the race itself. This was the 10 mile mark though so I was thinking 10 miles – great – but then thought on the day there would be another 16 miles to go! I was just having a drink here – supplied by Marie – when a very surreal thing happened, David Cameron walked past pushing a buggy with one of his kids in it. I had sort of run into him – except for his bodyguards so we had a brief exchange of Me; Good afternoon Prime Minister”  Him – “Good Afternoon – hi, how are you?”. High international politics sort of stuff.

Back up to Parliament, back to Downing Street, and then back along the river to Blackfriars bridge – to the Bridewell Theatre where I had my first hit as a producer – a production of Weill/Brecht’s “Happy End”,  St Pauls and then back along the river to Tower Bridge. There were a few  diversions an things at places like Blackfriars and a few other places so I was thinking I was going further than I was meant to. I finished up in Elder Street, by Spitalfields as that was where I lived until I was about 3. Meeting Marie there at the end of the 15 mile run was fantastic and lovely for us both. I went back to my walkjogrun website when I got home and it came out as just over 16 miles – so an extra mile. So I did it BUT there were a few occasions on the run where I thought can I really do this – there would still be an extra 10 miles to go on top of what I did on Sunday so I have to keep on it, but there were doubts.

Anyway – here we are still going – here’s to a new week – thanks for your continued support – sorry for going on so much this week  . . .

James x


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