March 2012 / Weekly updates

20th March 2012

Following the 16 mile run last week, I was pretty happy that on Monday morning I just had the sort of muscular aches and pains that one would expect after running that sort of distance. Nothing more and that is a very good thing!

Monday was the rest day and so by the time I ran again –  3.5 miles “recovery run” on Tuesday morning, it felt fine and just right to be running again – I guess that’s why it is like that in the plan.

photo-25On Tuesday, I wanted to do something different so instead of my usual morning run I decided to run some of the way home from work. Surreal moment at the end of the working day when Sarah (Associate Producer at OHP, who is also training for the marathon) and I were both in our running gear to leave the office. Very strange.

It’s been great that Sarah and I have been training for the same marathon – we’ve been supportive of each other, able to discuss things and strangely enough we’ve only hit a low point at the same time once (so far) in all of the time we’ve been training.

I did feel a bit of a fraud getting on the tube to go some of the way home – as I only had to run 5 miles so I needed to get to 5 miles from home – which is Finsbury Park station. I could see people thinking “why aren’t you running?” But once I got off the train, it felt good again to be running somewhere different and also at a different time of day/route/structure etc.

Good 5 mile run though – and it did feel great getting off a packed train and then starting to run through the streets rather than being inside.

Thursday was a rest day and then Friday was a 60 minute “speed run” – alternating between running flat out and jogging – I did about 6 miles which felt good. Lovely moment when, after a quick pit stop at my parents, with my mum outside with a drink (!!!), another runner passed me (yes he did go past me) and saw my marathon logo and shouted – “Keep going! See you on the 22nd!”

Sunday, following the usual Saturday Martini (special limited Marathon edition) was a 14 mile run. I decided to stay in North London this week and put some hills into the run as the Hastings Half Marathon (which I am entered in to on Saturday) is very hilly apparently. The first 3 miles was very hilly (as the course is meant to be) so it was good to get over that first but and then I hit a pretty good stride

It probably turned into my best “long run” so far as I was running pretty evenly and managed to get a time of

2 hours, 30 minutes for 14 miles, which although not being any sort of Olympic level is fine for me. So with consecutive Sundays having a 16 mile and a 14 mile run – I have run more than a half marathon on consecutive weekends but next week with all the other runners and with such a hilly course – I will be happy to get round in a time even close to this.

Anyway – towards the half Marathon we go.

Thanks for your continued support, it’s getting closer . . .



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