February 2012 / Weekly updates

13th February 2012

So week 6 – the description said an easier week to enable your body to recover a bit from the first 5 weeks of training – and it did feel easier for most of it.

The aftermath of the 7.75 miles run wasn’t too bad. The foot ice bath had seemed to help and then after the Monday rest day, Tuesday’s run was a 30 minute run which was pleasantly relatively easy after the last few weeks, Wednesday was a 40 minute run followed by 40 minutes of speed running on Friday in the gym – never seems as enjoyable on the treadmill rather than out on the streets.

Sunday’s run was meant to be 9 miles and after waking up incredibly early – excited and ready for it, the first few steps were a bit tentative as the roads by us were still pretty icy. The route that Angela and I had worked on included some roads and parks that were just too icy – as my coach (and advanced route scout) Angela found out. So as Angela stopped me to warn me of the state of the paths, we were surprised by the tooting of a car horn and it was Ron – the OHP Head of Wigs and Make-Up who has been in hospital for some time – so it was great to see him shouting encouragement (and abuse in equal measures!).

The run was then a bit stilted or a while as I was making changes to the route as I went and not sure how far I was going – the route still included going past my parent’s house where my mum was waiting with an isotonic drink and a banana for my pit-stop (approx 4 miles). It certainly gives you a lift to see people supporting you on the way.

ice_athAnyway, much later after doing some twists and turns on the route I got home to find out if I had done the 9 miles but when Angela checked it on walkjogrun.com it was 9.7 miles so what had seemed a bit slow was now quite a big quicker and I had done more than I thought so all happy and straight to the ice bath for the feet (over ankles and up calves) and ice packs on my knees for 10 minutes. The warm shower after felt pretty good.

Anyway – this had gone on too long – just to say thanks for your support and the messages I am getting. From the charity I am running for – Chickenshed – a fundraising tip – I know that everyone who receives this has already been incredibly generous but if I could ask all of you to pas on the sponsorship link to one other person you know to see if they would sponsor me any amount at all – that would really help.


thanks again.

10 miles this Sunday.

James x


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