February 2012 / Weekly updates

20th February 2012

Happy Monday.

Felt OK after the long run last Sunday – and the weekday runs of Tuesday (4 miles) and Wednesday (5 miles) went well.

Friday’s 50 minute speed run was pretty good too but for me definitely harder than the long runs at “my pace”.

Sunday was the big one and the first really major moment – the first 10 mile run. Even though I had nearly gone that far last week there is something about the actual distance that felt important – of course this doesn’t feel SO long when you think it is not even half way of the actual marathon! Anyway enough of those feelings for now – pretty happy with the time (107 minutes) though the time is not that important on the whole – it does enable me to gauge how I am doing against previous weeks and shorter distances.

There was also a bit of excitement this week when I received 2 numbers for “races” to do with the training.

First one is for Sunday 4th March I am taking part in the Age UK 10K run – at Crystal Palace and then on the 25th March I am running the Hastings half marathon – all the training plans tell you to run in some races to prepare for the amount of people running on the day.

Thanks again for your support everyone – have a good week.



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