January 2012 / Weekly updates

27th January 2012

Firstly can I say thank you again to you all for supporting me in this madness.

This is my first update to you all on this – I intend to send an update out “now and again” to you all – but seriously I will not have a problem with any of you saying “we have given you the money – please don’t keep sending us things!”

This is the end of week 4 of the programme – as I said on twitter yesterday I have been very happy with the training programme – from BUPA – until someone pointed out that BUPA are happier when you are ill.

The programme is all about gradual build up – to give you an idea; last Saturday I ran 6 miles, this week was 3 miles on Monday, 4 miles on Tuesday and did 50 minutes of “speed work” yesterday – this definition is very elastic in my case.

Tomorrow is a 7 mile run – this will be the longest run I have done so far – possibly the longest run I have ever done actually. But there you go.

Including gift aid I am now over £2,000 online – there are some offline donations too.

Anyway – thanks again everyone – see you soon.

85 days to go.



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