February 2012 / Weekly updates

28th February 2012

After the 10 mile run last week, I had felt really buoyant and excited but after I had a rest day on Monday, my heels had really started playing up – and it turned out it was something called “heel spurs” – often a problem for people who run a lot (bizarrely I am now in this category!).

So my “recovery run” on Tuesday wasn’t a great one, it should have been for 40 minutes but I stopped after about 20 and went home and the elation of the 10 miles on Sunday felt a long way away.

I rested again on Wednesday when I should have been running and Thursday was a rest day so suddenly since finishing 10 miles, it was now Friday and I had only run for 20 minutes since. Feeling pretty despondent, I talked it through with my coach Angela at home and with my OHP marathon mate Sarah at the office and we all felt that some of it was to do with it being half way through all of the training – after 8 weeks, it wasn’t new enough to feel novel and exciting and the Marathon itself still seemed quite a way away too.

Realising it wasn’t only the slight injury that was making me feel like this, I leapt up (well to be fair “leapt up” may not be the exact description a reporter would have given) and I went back out on Friday morning and did a decent-ish 50 minutes speed run – and felt a lot better.

I was away in Pisa at the weekend to see a conductor that I am interested in coming to OHP and he was conducting an opera called Zanetto, that we are producing this season. So my 11 mile run on Sunday was there.

Leaning_TowerObviously it was pretty easy to get a good pasta meal the night before and on Sunday morning I set off – with a map and without knowing the exact distances or route. I had worked out a route based on the tourists map and the scale on that. It was really great to run in weather that was a bit warmer, to run on flat ground – round by us there are quite few hills – but it was also nice to run somewhere completely different – nice to look around and see a change of scenery.

The route was along by the river a few times and around the old city walls – lovely run and even though I had passed the leaning tower on one circuit and not taken THAT much notice of it, when it came in to view on the last circuit ( the leaning tower was the “finishing line”) it was really great to see it and have Angela waiting there. When we got home, I measured the route properly and it turns out it was 11.4 miles (the point 4 is very important!!!

Please see attached a photo Angela took – I am surprised there is a shutter speed fast enough to have actually caught me here – and looking like I am hardly moving but there you go!

10K run at Crystal Palace this Sunday for Age UK.

Thanks again for all of your support, it means so much to me – total has just gone over £3000 (£3800 with Gift Aid) so I am delighted and very grateful.

James x


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