February 2012 / Weekly updates

6th February 2012

Well week 5 of the full training schedule was a tough one.

The 7 mile run on Saturday had gone really well (at the time) but I was worried about my right knee and right ankle by Sunday night – it was quite painful.

Monday it felt a bit better so it was back out on to the streets for a 4 mile run – I took it quite easy and it felt better as I got going really – the next day was another 4 miles and that felt better again but I was starting to get more worried about it and feel pain there when it was probably OK – I don’t want anything to go wrong!

Wednesday was a day off and then Thursday was a session on 40 minute “speed work” in the gym on a treadmill

Basically 10 minutes normal speed run followed by 2 minutes fast/2 minutes slow/2 minutes fast and so on until the last 5 minutes is just a warm down run. Really hard but what it did do was make the 2 minutes when you were running slowly (i.e. my normal speed) it felt so slow that it made me feel stronger – well I can do that speed!! In fact I have been pretty consistent on times and distances so far – always better when I get going to be honest – which is a real surprise for me as at school even I never did well further than 800 metres.

I changed the day of my long run to give my knee more chance to get better and it seemed to work as I did my long run yesterday – through the snow and ice – it was 80 minute run and I did about 7.75 miles – but it seemed more as I had to keep changing between road and pavement and when I got to the park it was just on pr snow so it felt like running sand.

To try and avoid last weeks problems when I got back I had a foot ice bath which made me shout a bit I can tell you but today seems much better and stronger than last week. So I was sitting there feet in an ice bath with ice strapped to my knee too – went well but I wasn’t quite brave enough for the full ice bath – yet!

Bring on this week!!

See you all soon.

James x


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