About me

I am a 46 year old opera producer – the producer of Opera Holland Park in London. 24 years ago I wrote a list of things that I wanted to do – many of them were pretty inconsequential but one of them was to write a musical. To cut a long story short, that decision led me eventually to be here as a producer.

One other thing on that list was to run a marathon – obviously it would have been easier to have run it then when I was reasonably fit but oh no, I left it.

Admittedly, for the last few years my regular exercise has been shaking cocktails and drinking them but since training for and running the marathon in 2012 this has changed …. sort of. I suffer from arthritis but am also determined to show that this is no barrier.  I was in general training for a few months and then throughout the actual 16 week marathon training schedule was pinned to the kitchen wall at home. And I kept to it – right to the day!!!! It now has a big tick over it – London Marathon DONE!!!

I finished it – it was an amazing day – and my time; 4 hours, 58 minutes and 54 seconds is now burned into my mind.

I ran for Chickenshed – http://www.chickenshed.org.uk/ they are local to us in North London and they are an amazing charity – an inclusive theatre company that works with children and young adults – changing lives.

I would love you to sponsor me even though it is all done now and remember that if anyone thinks they will ever get a job out of me if they haven’t sponsored me for this – they can forget it*. (*My lawyer has advised me that I have to point out that this is a joke).

All through my training I emailed my sponsors to tell them how it was going. Those updates have become this blog.



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