Charity & Sponsors

I ran for Chickenshed – they are local to where I live in North London and are an amazing charity – an inclusive theatre company that works with children and young adults – changing lives.

I would love you to sponsor me even though it is all done now and remember that if anyone thinks they will ever get a job out of me if they haven’t sponsored me for this – they can forget it*. (*My lawyer has advised me that I have to point out that this is a joke).

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me. In the end I raised £10,825.18 including Gift Aid. A lot more than I could have hoped for – thanks to all these generous people below.

Click on the images to read them properly.

donations 1donations 2donations 3donations 4donations 5donations 6 donations 7donations 8donations 9donations 10donations 11donations 12donations 13donations 14donations 15donations 16donations 17donations 18donations 19donations 20donations 21


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